Occasional Invaders

Spiders: About 3,000 species of spiders are found in the United States. Some people may be allergic to a spider's bite, and a few species of spiders are known to produce bites that may have serious medical implications for humans. Two of the more medically important types are the black widow spiders, and the brown recluse spider and its relatives.

For the most part, all spiders have jaws and fangs to deliver venom. Though most spiders are too small to be of concern to humans, their webbing and general presence is a nuisance. Larger spiders may bite when provoked, such as when squeezed between a human and sheet or clothing.

Tips: Always shake out shoes prior to wearing and sweep/vacuum any webs on your home.

Treatment: We utilize long lasting residual products applied to the exterior perimeter of your home/business to quickly eliminate and deter spiders from building their nests on/inside your home. Targeted interior treatments in the basement may also be applied for heavy infestations.

Spider Identification: http://www.termite.com/spider-identification.html

Lady Bugs/ Western Connifer Seed Bugs/Boxelder Bugs

While these insects generally pose no structural harm to your home (aside from staining walls and ceilings!) they, too, can become a nuisance in numbers as they seek refuge for the colder months. The most often site of harborage is in the attic where they may over-winter, appearing throughout the home when the heat is turned on or on warmer days around the lights on your ceiling. “Lady Bugs,” “Stink Bugs,” and Boxelder Bugs may also gain entry through gaps around window and door frames.

Treatment: Long lasting, water based micro-encapsulated products are thoroughly applied to all potential points of entry (around doors, windows, soffits, gable vents, etc.) for fast knock-down and lasting repellency of most nuisance insects.

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