Bees and Wasps

Most wasps and hornets are social insects. These social insects live in colonies in which tasks are divided among three castes, queens, workers, and males. Queens are responsible for egg laying and there is normally only one present during most of the season. The bulk of the colony consists of workers that forage for food and tend the queen and her brood. Males and new queens are usually produced at the end of the season and, after mating, the newly fertilized queens survive the winter and start new colonies the following spring.

Our Treatment Procedure

Because most nests are located high on houses, near rooflines, a quality high pressure sprayer is necessary. Our sprayers are capable of reaching the highest of rooftops, behind shutters, under soffits, or wherever wasps/hornets may nest or enter your home. We use modern, long lasting residual products for continual control of stinging insects.

When necessary, a targeted interior treatment may be performed in the attic. Ultra Low Volume Fogging using botanically derived products flushes and eliminates all hidden insects from harborage. Microinjectors are used to treat ceiling and wall voids with precision.

This procedure is used for all stinging insects. Often when one nest is present there may be others in the soffits, attic, shutters etc. Please remember this, our one price covers ALL nests in and around the immediate perimeter your home.

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