How To Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Posted: 11/13/2015

Doing More To Keep Mice Away

With the colder Fall temperatures and abundance of acorns this season, Mice have been prevalent across MA and NH. Customers often ask, "what is attracting them to my home when it is clean and free of food?" and "what is the solution to keeping them out of my home?"

We'll start with the first question at hand. Mice are typically seeking nesting sites and/or nesting materials. They gain entry into your home by detecting heat escaping through small openings, making the furnace room an ideal "mouse hotel." By minimizing these openings using copper meshing (which won't rust and mice don't like to chew) we can greatly deter rodent entry. It's not quite that easy- mice are capable climbers and can easily scale a chimney and take up residence in your attic. While insulation makes us itch at the mere thought of it, mice are delighted to tunnel through and nest in it. 

Where mice are already present, a lethal means of eliminating the population quickly is needed and rodenticides are the "go-to" option. Traps are quite literally "hit or miss" and cautious mice will often avoid them or steal the bait. Modern soft bait rodenticides are highly attractive to mice and when placed in tamper resistant stations in proper locations can be effective. Exterior baiting can minimize rodent populations around your home stopping them before they ever have a chance to gain entry. Particular caution must be used when pets are present.

Make your home less inviting to mice by minimizing excess bird seed beneath feeders, and eliminating clutter in the basement, attic and around the yard. Trim all vegetation 2 feet from your home. Finally, Repellents can be used to deter rodents from a particular area. We offer Repellent Services featuring Detour BioRepellent to keep mice away from your home.Learn More about How Detour Works

In all honesty, there really is no perfect one solution for mouse elimination, Yet, through a combination of methods mouse control can be achieved. Call 1-800-862-BUGS for more information on our mouse control services.

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